Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sermon on Uganda JustJourney Available as Congregational Resource

Rev. John Gibbons, chair of the UUSC Board of Trustees and a participant on the Uganda JustJourney, has written a moving sermon that offers an insightful account of the trip. "White Men Stuck in the Mud!" follows the journey from Kampala to Pader and back, delving into the African concepts of sankofa (taking what is good of the past into the present to make forward progress) and ubuntu (interdependence).

With UUSC, Gibbons has generously made the sermon available as a congregational resource for anyone interested in addressing and bringing to light the struggles of Ugandans — from facing anti-LGBTQ discrimination and violence to returning home after years of war in northern Uganda. We hope that you can use this as another tool to join us — UUSC, the UUA, our partners in Uganda, and all the Ugandans who face these issues each day — in solidarity as we strive to make human rights a reality for everyone.

Read and download the sermon on UUSC's website today!

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